People often work for subsistence because we have goals and projects that truly wish to accomplish. However, and luckily, there are some people who work by enjoying what they do, and those who were called dreamers, have become outstanding persons, cleavers. Their abilities and skills allow for having a meaningful job, rights, personal and professional development, benefits plan that come along with everyday life which have gaining, acquiring and deserving in order to effort and daily work, being capable of connecting to something bigger which transforms themselves, while also they change the world and the ecosystem.

These people are The Clevers, an exceptional group of people, who observe forward-looking, and do everything possible to intervene, to live and enjoy this future.


“We Are Clevers” it is the phrase that has been established in each person who works with us. Women and men who has grown up in its own right, people who have given their best and people who today not only approach years, but also dreams.

Our organizational evolution has been exponential, and we are convinced that craziness have to come undone in order to keep creating, developing, programming and working in every single project which we have taken, by having a clear mission and challenges.

Our Organizational Culture has been created from the “Clevers” toward the organization, with values and methods applied by each member, and replicated by the new ones. The teamwork, the transparency, direct communication, and professionalism are the bases of what we live day to day.

We are characterized by the dynamism, the proximity, and freedom. An authentic hallmark which works horizontal way, and which makes sense with the personality of each member.


The competencies and develop opportunities are raised by each Clever who joins the team, and provides a meaningful contribution for every single person in the team. They are part of the differentiating hallmark that we have been making up. Maybe not all people could identify themselves with our culture, rhythm or ambitious, maybe not all people will want it or practice it, which is fine because: not all of them are Clevers.

The Organizational Culture, which identifies us, and which we have promoted, affects in the quality of life of each Clever, task that has been developing and displaying from Internal Communications, by showing up the Welfare plan that has focused on people, our Clevers.

Work does not become tedious, different ties are raised up beyond labor, every people give their best in order to be part of this organization listed as: Millennial and no traditional; properties that make feel comfortable as The Clevers.


The term Family is repeated and it is present in every joy, crisis and situations that sometimes are hard to handle, but Clever Family involves mutual confidence; everyone is committed to provide quality in our work by offering reliance and stability, so it could be replayed in the same intention and intensity. It does not matter which the task is or assigned team, we can trust on the result of hard work of another Clever, and it will be jus excellent.

Communications are an important part of the community Clever for its performance, by strengthening our values, transparency and direct communication. An organization that communicates wrong, could work very wrong. Our main goal it is not only to keep them inform, but also providing them courage, to transmit the Clever purpose, and to enhance the strategic alignment with all our different teams, by always using technology in our favor.


The concern for welfare of somebody else or the team is present and genuine, producing and important value for everyone. The quality of life of our partners is a priority at the moment of establish frameworks; since we truly believe that people should be glad, so they can provide their best. They should feel comfortable, able to be challenged. This is what move us on, that´s our gene, it is what we look for when recruiting and hunting, people with flexibility, ambition, desire to make a new world.

The technology, the innovation, the Millennials, the Z generation, among other factors, have driven us to adapt to the principle “Change is the only constant”, and the Clevers share strength between us, in order to handle the situation the best possible way by contributing good ideas, solutions, opinions and support. We know that Integrity – doing things right although no one is looking – it’s a hallmark and a value that today we are proud to have.

What about you? What are you waiting to become a Clever?