Boost your professional profile in the short term with Groowcity

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Boost your professional profile in the short term with Groowcity

Today in the IT industry we have a constant need to acquire new #knowledge in a short time. It was in this context that the inspiration for Groowcity came to be.

Groowcity is a digital platform that allows you to chart a career path, maintain current expertise, mature in your capabilities, and record the progress in skills and talent as part of your professional profile.

Groowcity has daily challenges, periodic evaluations, and vocational plans for collaborators. These features help measure the maturity levels of the team according to each of the functions performed within the organization. The integrated facets comprise a learning model that enables the determination of both the level of knowledge and the advancement made by each user.

The participation of Groowers [users] helps improve engagement with the platform. Simply by answering three questions per day, each person will be able to acquire new as well as enhance existing know-how, thus creating an organic and efficient mechanism for growth and achievement within the organization.

Thanks to the “appreciation” feature in Groowcity, leaders can measure and share technical intelligence, level, and skills of a particular role. As “appreciations” are completed, proficiency is gauged in conjunction with the progression of each role.

Appreciation feature

No one wants to be considered obsolete. Being “current” as well as agile in a world of rapidly emerging technologies is a great challenge for all professionals.  

With Groowcity, it is possible to create short and specific strategies that are built collaboratively and integrally, balancing technical and business acumen together. Perpetual learning is essential for everyone and now employees can manage their continuing education via Groowcity!

now employees can manage their continuing education via Groowcity

We invite you to get to know Groowcity, its functionalities, and the great opportunities that you and your team can have to develop yourselves in a concerted and nimble way.

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