Migrating from GitHub Enterprise Server to GitHub Enterprise Cloud without downtime

Cybersecurity Company
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Our client, a cybersecurity company based in the United States, needed to migrate all of its repositories from GitHub Enterprise Server to GitHub Enterprise Cloud. The version of GitHub Server they had did not allow them to use specific platform features. Additionally, they were looking to upgrade without downtime or impact to their daily operations.

CleverIT's solution

CleverIT, the #1 GitHub partner in LATAM, proposed a solution that would allow the client to migrate all of their repositories securely and efficiently. The solution included the following steps:

- Review of repositories, users, and organizations to identify the specific challenges of the migration.

- Definition of a migration plan and timelines.

- Joint migration with the client's team to ensure continuity of service.

Challenges overcome

CleverIT overcame the following challenges to complete the migration successfully:

- The size of the migration, which included over 90 repositories and over 30 users.

- The need to perform the migration without downtime.


The migration was successfully completed in record time and in line with what the client expected. The results were as follows:

- Technical: The migration was completed in record time.

- Business: The client was able to begin using their GitHub environments without the end-user noticing any impact to service.

- Pain points: The client continued to use the features they had and took advantage of the new ones.


The migration to GitHub Enterprise Cloud was a success thanks to the experience and expertise of CleverIT as a GitHub partner. CleverIT is the #1 GitHub partner in LATAM and is gaining importance as a partner in the US. The company has a team of highly qualified professionals with experience in migrating repositories to GitHub Enterprise Cloud.

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